Unsung Bay Ridge: A human spark plug


Our unsung hero of the week is Jo Ann Di Meglio, a woman who has dedicated decades of her life to community service. For almost 20 years, Joanne served as a coach for children’s athletic activities when her children attended St. Ephrem School. She is still involved on a daily basis with the welfare of children, as she works in the admissions office of Fort Hamilton High School.

Jo Ann is also the hard-working secretary of the Dyker Heights Civic Association, and always finds the time to volunteer for community projects. She was part of the team that coordinated the clean-ups of parks, painted meters, poles and benches within her community to give it a fresh look. This helped to remove the graffiti eyesore that was so destructive to Dyker Heights.

In all of her activities, Jo Ann is supported by her loving husband, Ralph, and children Lauren and Jeffrey. She is a human spark plug, full of energy which she uses for the good of her community.


Belated birthday greetings to Lori Tesoriero, a lady I have come to admire for her warmth and administrative ability in running the St. Nicholas Home, on Ovington Avenue. Many more happy and healthy ones, Lori.

Congratulations to Howie Dunn, on receiving the Lifetime Award for public service at the King of Kings Award Ceremony. With his wife and life partner, Mae, by his side, we all enjoyed the celebration and agreed that this award was well-deserved.

UNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES:   Coughs and Colds

Today, I will highlight two popular folk remedies that have been tried and proven for decades. The gargling of warm salt water for colds or sore throats is popular and effective because salt helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Gargle for 20 seconds before spitting.

Another folk remedy that is used for coughs and congestion is to rub Vicks Vapor Rub under the soles of the feet and then cover with a pair of socks. It has helped ease the discomfort of many children and adults alike.


`Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns,  or on any medication.

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