49ers best Raiders in PYO action

The PYO 49ers broke out of the gate first to score the first touchdown of the game against the PYO Raiders. Jason “Wolf Man” Perlstein started with a 10-yard spiral to Gianfranco “Flash” Poppalarsi.

Perlstein then took the ball for a ride through a rocky Raider defense for a first down. He took the snap and muscled his way against through the Raider line and drew first blood.

The Raiders had a shot but could not move the ball because of strong opposition from the 49ers’ Justice “Ice Man” Doyle, James Farrel and Nicholas “Lion Heart” Mendez.

Poppalarsi took over the helm and fired a bullet pass to Perlstein to make it 12-zilch. Again, the two-point kick attempt failed.

The Raiders finally received their wake-up call when Tylor “TNT” Martinez charged into golden soil for the first Raider touchdown. They also attempted a two-point kick and were not successful.

The second quarter open with the 49ers holding a 12 to 6 advantage. Both defensive squads took charge of the field with a vengeance and real estate did not come cheap. John “Pit Bull” Martinez, Daniel “Bone Breaker” Dasaro, Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld and Jhomar Bennett of the Raiders met the 49ers head on and would not yield an inch.

Forty five seconds on the clock and the Raiders attempt a pass and Jadin Goodman was at the right place at the right time and made an awesome interception. Then, with 23 seconds ticking, “The Wolf Man” ran up the middle, bulling his way through the Raider defensive line for a touchdown.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

Ten seconds remained but the excitement was at fever pitch. Quarterback Derek Hernandez took the snap, turned and pitched it to “TNT” Martinez on the 20 yard line. Martinez ran 40 yards to pay dirt. The Raiders tried to kick for two points but received no cigar. That was end to an exciting first half.

The 49ers battled their way down field and from the three yard line, Perlstein tiptoed into sacred ground. The 49ers gave up trying to kick for two extra points. Perlstein fired a pass to David Nisbet for the point after.

That was the end of scoring in this contest but the action continued. James Farrel recovered a Raider fumble in the fourth quarter, Dasaro put the hurt on the 49er quarterback with a textbook sack, Andrew Diaz put an end to the Raider advance on the four yard line with fierce tackle and Doyle performed a classic sack on the Raider quarterback on the one preventing them from scoring. The 49ers took home the bacon and the 25-12 win.

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