Letter to the Editor: At cross purposes


“A Look Back” (Gary Nilsen and Helen Klein — November 13) concerning the opening of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and subsequent demise of the 69th Street Brooklyn – St. George Ferry reminded me of the long forgotten proposed tunnel between 69th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and St. George, Staten Island.

The concept was to extend subway service from the Brooklyn BMT line to Staten Island. Ground was broken with entrances at both ends in the 1920s, but the project quickly ran out of money and was abandoned to history. When living on Shore Road in Bay Ridge, friends and I would look to no avail in attempting to find the abandon site filled in decades earlier.

Flash-forward 90 years and we have the proposed “Cross Harbor” rail freight tunnel project.  This project is also doomed to become a relic of history.


Larry Penner

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