Letter to the Editor: Limited Effectiveness

I’ve been writing about this situation for over three years, but I’m sure the problem has been ongoing for a lot longer.

The B 41 currently runs along Flatbush Avenue to Downtown Brooklyn. There are three Limited buses for every one Local. No matter the time of day, that local is always full to overflowing.

I cannot count the number of times the bus I was on was full, standing room only,
people in the aisles with shopping carts, packages, babies, etc. to be further packed to allow for a wheelchair which displaces another three seats. Seniors with walkers, canes and crutches are all crushed into a single bus which sometimes takes 25-30 minutes to arrive.

What is being done to accommodate the people who live in between the Limited stops? There are often three to four blocks to walk from a limited stop back to where people live, and the Limited buses are usually half-empty. Why can’t a change be made? It’s not rocket science. How about two Limited and two Local buses? That would help a great deal.

Please, for the community’s sake, give us some help.

Sue Yellin

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