Parkville Full Tackle Football: Raiders vs 49ers

PYO Raiders 22 49ers 15

At the end of the first half, the Parkville Youth Organization 49ers were on top of a 15 to 8 ball game and there was plenty of gridiron action to go around. There were five fumbles and interceptions in the first quarter alone before the 49ers made it to pay dirt.

Quarterback Jason “Wolf Man” Perlstein had the honor of drawing first blood after recovering a Raider fumble and running through the Raider defense to score the extra point.

The 49ers hit the boards again in the second quarter when Jadin Goodman scored from the one by muscling through the Raider line, then made a classic kick for the two extra points. Things looked amazing for the 49ers until the Raiders received their wake-up call and Robert “Pay Dirt” Lay teamed up with Tylor “TNT” Martinez and fought tooth and nail for every inch of Parkville soil to score there first touchdown and two point after. The scoreboard was blazing, 15 to 8, 49ers.

The Raiders came back hard after half time with Derek Hernandez’s 20-yard run and two-point kick. That was enough to put the Raiders on the sunny side of a 16 to 15 ball game. The 49ers has the ball again but fumbled and Daniel “Bone Breaker” Dasaro was on the spot and made the recovery for the Raiders.

The Raiders were a foot away from first down but 49er Justice “Ice Man” Doyle refused to yield another inch. The 49ers tried to gain some big yardage with a Hail Mary pass but Derek Hernandez made a slick interception for the Raiders and put an end to the 49er advance. Tylor “TNT” Martinez turned the interception into six points, giving the Raiders 22 to 15 victory.

The Raiders’ victory wouldn’t have been made without the grit and muscle of center Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld, Jhomar Bennit, Patryk “Freight Train” Szustka and Dasaro. The 49er’s got their momentum from Doyle, Dylan “Dead End” Salas, Alphonse Russo and Andrew Diaz.

Photos courtesy of Bob Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Bob Cavaliere

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