Street Talk: Besides the new 25 MPH law, what else do you think should be done to improve traffic safety?


They should keep pedestrians from walking against the light and running out in traffic. They should get back to ticketing jaywalkers.

Ralph Q.
Bay Ridge

Reducing the limit to 25 MPH limit is good enough, especially here on Fifth Avenue, and should protect the pedestrian.

Kareem U.
Bay Ridge

They should stop harassing the drivers with the new laws.

Joel S.
Bay Ridge

I think 25 MPH for drivers is way too slow. There are far too many laws. It seems like there’s no freedom. And five miles slower isn’t going to make a difference.

Mike P.
Bay Ridge

They need more cops at the intersection of 86th Street  and Fifth Avenue to prevent dangerous illegal turns and they need to make fines severe for drivers on their cell phones.

John D,
Bay Ridge

They have to enforce the new law more and write tickets. Drivers are on a power trip and go fast in small areas. Speed cameras are good and deter speeding.

John Z.
Bay Ridge

They should put up more speed bumps around certain streets to slow down drivers.

John D.
Bay Ridge

I think 25 MPH is the best option.

Rani A.
Bay Ridge

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