Unsung Bay Ridge: There when needed


This week I would like to shine the spotlight on someone I have known for many years, a hard-working community volunteer who has remained under the radar.

Peter Amentas has volunteered for the past 35 years with BRAVO, while he was a U.S. Customs Agent. He had a full time job, yet he responded to emergency calls when needed. He is an active member of the Holy Cross Church at 84th Street and Ridge Boulevard.

Peter is supported by his lovely wife, Zilda, and his charming daughter, Andrea. He currently serves BRAVO as chairperson of the board of directors, while calmly participating in many community affairs.

Bay Ridge is a wonderful community in which to live because of residents like Peter Amentas.


Congratulations to Ed Mafoud, chairperson of the board of the St. Nicholas Home, on being awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award, for his decades of service to the home. The award will be presented at the home’s annual dinner on December 12 at the El Caribe Country Club, 5945 Strickland Avenue. Tickets are $150 per person. For reservations, please call John Abi-Habib at 917-607-4586.

Let us not forget to celebrate the sacrifice and dedication of those who have served and continue to serve our country. “Hats Off”  to Howie Dunn, a veteran who had gone over and above the call of duty to keep our community aware of our patriots. I am happy that Howie has fully recovered and is back in action, as we join him in celebrating Veterans Day on November 11.


A folk remedy for deep sleep is ‘long brewed black tea.’  I was advised that most people brew black tea for three minutes, which makes it a stimulant. It is said that the same tea, when left for 10 minutes or longer, produces the opposite effect.  It is also used for sore, itchy eyes. Draw the tea, let the tea bag cool and place it on the closed lids for a minute or two.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns,  or on any medication.

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