Star of Brooklyn: Michael Petri


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Since his beginnings with Petri Plumbing, a family business since 1906, Michael Petri has been striving to make a difference in the community.

In the past year, Petri has supported various worthy causes, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Go Gold campaign during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

More recently, the company supported Toys for Tots in December, serving as a verified partner and a donation drop-off point. In addition to the Toys for Tots toy drive, employees at Petri Plumbing organized their own toy drive for the community.

The company also stepped in when an older man, a client of HeartShare Human Services, lost his heat, and couldn’t afford to employ a plumber. Bay Ridge Cares reached out to Petri, who sent a technician to the home, who figured out what was wrong at no cost to the person.

MOTIVATION: “Petri Plumbing has been in the Brooklyn community since the company’s start in 1906 and giving back is a way of saying thank you to our employees and the Brooklyn and Manhattan homeowners who have made this business so successful for more than 100 years,” said Petri. “Each month, our employees are encouraged to pitch and brainstorm ideas to give back to the community.”

CAREER: Petri currently owns Petri Plumbing and works alongside his wife, Jeanne. The company was started by his great grandfather in the early 20th century and Michael has overseen it for nearly four decades. “I am also responsible for implementing many new initiatives both in the community and internally such as sustainable services for Brooklyn homes,” said Petri.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: When asked about his biggest challenge, Petri replied, “staying competitive in an ever-changing and advancing industry while maintaining community involvement.” With a large business, sometimes it can seem overwhelming to balance service and work. However, “it is also important to recognize the community organizations and individuals who are trying to maintain the special charm of our neighborhood,” Petri noted.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: When asked to think about his biggest achievements, Petri didn’t hesitate to say, continuing my family-owned business into the new millennium and beyond as well as becoming New York City’s very first licensed green plumbers, certified by Green Plumbers USA.”

PERSONAL LIFE: Petri was born and raised in Bay Ridge and attended Villanova University on an athletic scholarship after he graduated from high school. His wife Jeanne is also his business partner and office manager.

Petri has three kids (Michael – who is married to Lauren; Alexandra and Christopher), all of whom attended St. Anselm’s, and two stepchildren (Samantha and Chris). He has been involved in the Youth Activities program at St. Anselm’s and was on the coaching staff when Xaverian High School began its first football team. He has one granddaughter (Evangeline).

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