Corrado “Joe” Manfredi remembered in Brooklyn

The community has said goodbye to an inspirational man.

Corrado “Joe” Manfredi, owner of Manfredi Auto Group, died on Saturday, March 28 at the age of 77.

The Italian immigrant who left his home in Mola De Bari at the age of 14 was a dear friend, husband, father, and grandfather. Living the true “American dream,” Manfredi worked his way up from a mechanic to a successful businessman in the world of auto sales.

“Joe remained a generous and humble man who never forgot where he came from,” said Councilmember Vincent Gentile. “True to his Italian roots, there was nothing more important to Joe than family. My heart goes out to Tina, his wife of 55 years, and Joe’s five children, 15 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and siblings.”

The “special” man, as many friends, like Ralph Perfetto who knew Manfredi for 30 years, would call him, was proud of his Italian heritage and left an impression on people.

“He left a path of good will to countless individuals, institutions, and charities,” said Perfetto. “He leaves a legacy that is unsurpassed. I met so many people from his community and he was a great philanthropist. He’s helped a lot of people, he was a very, very special man and I was honored to know him.”

Involved in a number of local causes throughout Brooklyn, Manfredi served on Community Board 11 in Bensonhurst, where some of his Manfredi Auto Group dealerships got their start on 18th Avenue.

“He always cared about the Bensonhurst community,” said William Guarinello, chair of CB 11.  “It’s a loss and he will be missed. He never forgot his Brooklyn roots.”

“Joe truly lived the American dream and leaves behind a tremendous legacy of hard work, family values and faith,” added Gentile. “May Corrado ‘Joe’ Manfredi’s remarkable life be an inspiration to us all and may he rest in everlasting peace.”

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