Colton honors community women

A warm, spring Sunday saw a warm-hearted celebration on April 19 as Assemblymember William Colton honored some of Southwest Brooklyn’s hard-working local ladies with the “Women of Distinction” award.

The ceremony, held at the United Progressive Democratic Club, recognized over 40 women for their work in business, education, community/civic affairs, military service, health care, government, and volunteer efforts.

“I think it’s very important that we recognize women in the community who do extraordinary things,” said Colton. “It makes a big difference in the community and yet it doesn’t get recognized very often.”

District Leader Nancy Tong, who was regarded as a woman of distinction herself by Colton, said that this is the second year the awards ceremony is taking place and that it is “good for the community.

“I do want women to be recognized,” said Tong. “They do a lot of work for our community and we want people to know.”

Colton’s office sent out nomination forms in March – which happened to be Women’s History Month – to local organizations and residents. Nominators were asked to describe the woman they were nominating and discuss their character and work.

“Every year this should serve as a reminder to acknowledge the women in our local community who make a difference,” added Colton. “These women have made a positive impact in our neighborhoods and it is an honor for me to recognize [them] for their selflessness, dedication and generosity in contributing to our community to make it a better place to work and live.”

Councilmember Mark Treyger was also in attendance and happy to present his very own sister, Elina Treyger-Gofman, with an award this year.

“In reality, when we say strong neighborhoods, when we say strong communities, it begins with strong women,” said Treyger. “This is what distinguishes us from many others, is that it really begins at home and, with the sacrifice and the service that we see [from these women], it really benefits everyone.”

“I really think this is wonderful to recognize women” added MaryLou Consolo, one of the award recipients. “It’s a long time coming, but we’re here.”


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