BREAKING: Vacate order lifted for I.S. 201

The vacate order for Dyker Intermediate School, I.S. 201 has been lifted just two days after the school was forced to close following the collapse of two large windows into a fourth floor classroom on Monday, April 20.

The reopening of the school was first announced by State Senator Marty Golden on Facebook; a Department of Education rep subsequently confirmed that I.S. 201 will be open as of Wednesday, April 23 and students will have full use of the building. In addition, the second day of testing will proceed as scheduled and students will make up the first day of testing on Monday, April 27.

I.S. 201 has been under construction since the fall of 2014, with teachers complaining of problems including moldy smells and creaking walls, as well as a leaky light fixture.

I.S. 201 is located at 8010 12th Avenue.

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