Etiquette Boss: Graduation Toasts

Teen Etiquette: Graduation Toasts

Graduation is in the air. It’s an exciting time. You’re on the threshold of the adult world. Your graduation toast may be the first of many toasts you will receive in your adult life. If you plan to lead, you must learn to give toasts too. Here are a few rules you must learn:

Your host (mom or dad) suddenly stands and announces to the crowd, “May I have your attention!” You’re surprised. It’s a toast on your behalf! What do you do?

First: If you are sitting, do not stand. Even if your host says, “Can we all rise for a toast to Caroline?” you should remain seated.

Second:  Do not raise your glass and join the toast. Drinking to yourself is a no-no. You are allowed to smile and say, “thank you.”

Third:  If you are not too shy, now is the time to stand and return a toast to your host. You may say something like this, “I would like to propose a toast to my mom and dad, (or any other person of your choice),” and add your words of thanks. You may now raise your glass and drink while that person remains seated.

No draining of the glass as if you are in a desert and dying of thirst. If you drink everything at the first toast, what will you do if the person to whom the toast is given, stands  return a toast? Also, no glass tapping with a utensil to get attention. You do not want to break an expensive wine glass. Whether you are 16 or 60, do not clap, drink or join in any accolade to yourself. Modesty is the best policy here.

Beauty Tips – Summer

Summer is slowing approaching and more skin will be showing. Do not panic. Many of us will never drink eight cups per day, but if you normally drink one cup, increase it to two. It will hydrate your skin, you will look better and your health will improve. I have found that one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil every morning makes my skin look supple and smooth in addition to healing arthritic knee pains within a week. This is the time to dry brush your skin before the shower and apply olive oil or petroleum jelly when you are finished. You will be sun dress/shorts ready in no time.

Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.


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