Etiquette Boss: Teen Etiquette – Interview Tips

Parents who sacrifice to give their children the best academic education soon realize that it does not automatically guarantee of a job after university. In this 21st century, where national and international applicants vie for job vacancies, selection often comes down to the applicant who stands out from the competition.

“Success in getting, keeping and advancing in a job depends 85 percent on soft skills, or ‘people’ skills, and 15 percent on technical knowledge and skills”, according to three separate research projects by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Stanford Research Institute.

  • Teens who are about to enter the workforce for the first time will be called for multiple interviews. Qualifications are important, but how they come across is just as important. Telephone interviews as the first step in the process are now quite common. The teen will come across much better if he/she realizes that a smile is not only seen, but heard. Smile, stand and answer the telephone. Unless the interview is on Skype, I advise a standing position. The voice comes across stronger, and when combined with a smile, it sounds much more confident than if a person sits and does not smile when speaking.
  • When meeting for the first time, dress conservatively. Leave the lycra skirts and dresses for evening wear. Girls should opt for a skirt suit or blouse and skirt, with pumps instead of open toe shoes. Wear small pieces of jewelry. This is not the time to show off fashion. Young men should opt for a white shirt and a navy or grey suit. I remind teens that they would most likely be interviewed by people of their parents’ generation or older, so keep that in mind, instead of what their peers find acceptable.

Beauty Tips – Eye Massage

To help remove built up fluid and puffiness from around the eyes, apply cream or eye lotion with your ring fingers in a gentle, tapping motion. In a circular motion, lightly circle the eye area, starting from the inner eye area (under the brow bone) and circling the entire eye three times. Do this lightly and finish by tapping gently under the eye to enhance circulation.

Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.


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