FDNY celebrates 150 by opening its doors to public

Celebrating 150 years of New York’s bravest, the FDNY commemorated its storied anniversary on Saturday, May 2 throughout the five boroughs by hosting a citywide open house for the first time in the department’s history.

Over at Engine 242 on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, a steady stream of Brooklynites enjoyed a day full of activities that included a presentation of what a day in the life of a firefighter is like. Children were given free coloring books and replica red FDNY helmets and were able to make their way inside both the firetrucks and the firehouse.

Adults also benefited from the event as firefighters, paramedics and EMTS educated attendees about fire safety. Firehouses also distributed free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Elected officials also showed up at the events. State Senator Marty Golden made his way to various firehouses to talk to and congratulate firefighters on a job well done.

“Senator Golden, a former New York City Police Officer, greatly respects the continued service and bravery of our men and women of the New York City Fire Department,” said John Quaglione, a spokesperson for Golden. “He was honored to have this opportunity to visit and thank those who respond to calls each and every day throughout our community, and he looks forward to a continued partnership in the future.”

“For a century and a half, FDNY members have risked their lives bravely protecting life and property in our city – an enduring commitment steeped in pride and tradition,” added Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro in statement. “That tradition of service is devoted to the people of our great city,” the reason, he said, why FDNY had flung open the firehouse doors, asking “every New Yorker to join us in this historic celebration.”

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Arthur de Gaeta


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