Unsung Bay Ridge: A community stalwart

Our unsung hero of the week is Habib Joudeh, owner and operator of Pharmacy on Fifth, and one of our local philanthropists who operates out of the spotlight.

He owns a very busy pharmacy that serves the Bay Ridge community, and is always willing to support community activities.

Habib is an active board member of the Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District, assisting new businesses on the Avenue and helping them to integrate and feel welcome. He is also a leading member of the Bay Ridge Unity Task Force, finding the time to liaison between law enforcement at the 68th Precinct and the Middle Eastern community, in helping to promote a greater understanding of Arabic culture.

Habib is the Vice President of the Arab American Association, and works non-stop to promote understanding and peace, often arranging for community meetings to be held in the local mosque.

As a pharmacist, he assists many families in understanding and filling their prescriptions, many times without charge. His activities are non-stop, and he could not do all that he does without the support of his loving wife, Mie, and children: Ramsey, Ronnie, Ramy and Rania. We are fortunate to have such a humanitarian and peace keeper in our community.


A very happy 21st anniversary to prominent Bay Ridge attorney, Sylvester Scheinze, and his beautiful wife, Cynthia. I can hardly believe it was 21 years ago that I attended their wedding at the Fort Hamilton Officers Club. I wish them continued health and happiness.

UNSUNG FOLK  REMEDIES:  Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a perfect folk remedy, used for a variety of illnesses. As a mouth wash, add a few drops of peppermint oil in the bottle, and shake before gargling. Leaves the mouth minty fresh and kills bacteria as well. Some who suffer from congestion and other lung problems,  have reported clearing of mucus through mixing 50/50 solution of sterilized water and hydrogen peroxide, placed in a humidifier. If you find the vapor too intense, dilute with more water.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns,  or on any medication.

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