Unsung Bay Ridge: Remembering a local hero

As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day, let us never forget the sacrifices of those who have given their all to keep us safe. I think it is most fitting to dedicate this week’s column to the memory of a veteran who recently passed, but is very much in the hearts of so many that he touched.

Anthony Mahfouz (Tony) served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and saw action in the South Pacific. He returned to his home parish of St. Patrick’s and was active in many charities, but he had a special dedication and “soft spot” for the parish’s Little League.

Artie Mayrose recalls Tony’s enthusiasm and large donation for building the Little League field at 100th Street and Fourth Avenue, now gone. Every weekend,  Tony was present and raised operating funds from vendors and anyone else who would donate.  He was a great American, and loving husband to his wife, Laurice.

He is survived by his daughter Ann Marie Brogan, her husband John Paul and his beloved granddaughter Julianna. I agree with Artie that it is never too late to acknowledge the service of a man who gave so much for our country and our community. RIP, Tony. You are sorely missed.


A very special “happy anniversary” greeting goes out to my dear friends Eileen and Mike Long on celebrating 53 wonderful years of marriage. They look great, and I join their children and grandchildren in wishing them many more happy and healthy years ahead.

The Friends of Historic New Utrecht present “Four Civil War Lives,” based on the lives of four Civil War soldiers: two Confederate and two Union. The re-enactment takes place on Tuesday, May, 19, from 7:30 p.m., at the New Utrecht Reformed Church Parish House, 18th Avenue and 84th Street.  You are invited to attend while enjoying free refreshments.


It is common knowledge in the natural health community that egg whites painted on the soles of feverish feet, covered with socks, usually help to bring down fever.

However a folk remedy in China is said to work just as well. They remove the yolk from a hard-boiled egg, and place the egg white in a handkerchief, which is then twisted into a ball to massage the body from head to toe.  It is said to bring down temperatures quickly.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns,  or are on any medication.

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