Wrestling fundraiser helps families of NYPD’s fallen heroes

An east coast wrestling troop and a Dyker Heights parish teamed up to put on a table-smashing, turnbuckle-rattling night of pro wrestling that doubled as a fundraiser to benefit the families of recently deceased New York City police officers on Friday, May 8.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Youth Program and East Coast Professional Wrestling held “A Night to Honor Fallen Heroes” to raise money for the families of Detectives Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, who were shot dead in their patrol car last December; and Police Officer Joseph Pritchard, who died in a 2013 car accident.

“Tonight we remember those who have fallen,” said Police Officer Anthony Passaro, who wrestles for the troupe as Tony “The Bulldog of Brooklyn” Biella. “We come together to honor those who’ve been killed protecting every single person in this room.”

The fundraiser, which was held in the gym of Sunset Park’s Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, drew a crowd consisting mostly of young wrestling fans.

Organizers said some proceeds from the show would also be used to finance youth programs at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

“Every life matters,” Passaro said, “and that’s what we’re here tonight. “We appreciate and honor the work that these people do every day.”

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