Colton and Treyger team up with volunteers to beautify Bensonhurst

Taking out the trash!

Assemblymember William Colton, Councilmember Mark Treyger and Democratic District Leaders Nancy Tong and Charles Ragusa  held their annual summer neighborhood clean-up event on the morning Friday, August 21 as part of the “Speak-Up & Clean Up” campaign.

Nearly 200 volunteers from local high schools met in Bensonhurst to help pick up garbage littered all around the neighborhood.

Colton, who hosts the annual clean-up, was pleased as always to see the youth giving their time and effort to beautify the streets. “It shows an awareness of the need to keep the neighborhood clean,” he said. “It’s something where you’re giving back to the neighborhood. It’s a very good omen for the future because our young people are interested in giving their time to help keep it clean and that message is going to spread.”

Tong thinks the kids will set an example for adults. “At this age, they come out and know they have to beautify the community and when they do this, adults see all these youngsters are here trying to clean up neighborhood,” she said. “This is a very good example to see that they are coming out and cleaning up and beautifying the neighborhood. Everyone should do their part for beautification.”

Volunteers separated into groups and took on several areas, including a large stretch of 86th Street from 25th Avenue to 16th Avenue, and 18th Avenue from Benson Avenue to 82nd Street. They were equipped with brooms, gloves and bags for both trash and recycling as they cleaned up shattered glass bottles and cigarette butts, among other garbage.

“I live around here and it kind of annoys me sometimes seeing how people litter,” said volunteer Kent Z. “I feel like they should all just do their part and do basic things like throw out their litter in the trash cans. Maybe doing this will help spread the message.”

“We did it in Chinatown a few weeks ago. Right now, we are coming back to our own home to do this,” said fellow Bensonhurst resident Harvey W. “We’ve been living here our whole lives so why not give back?”

Treyger was praised by Colton for his continued participation. “Before he got elected he was involved with us in doing this and since he’s been elected, he’s also supporting us, working together with us,” he said. “I think he’s even going to be expanding it to parts outside of the 47th Assembly District to keep them clean.”

The group of volunteers each set off on a different route set up by Colton staffer Kenny Zheng.

“It has been great to see so many teens and community members get involved and give back and it has had a tremendous impact on our neighborhood,” Treyger added in a statement.

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