Dinner hosted in honor of World War II veterans

True appreciation for those who have bravely served our country was on display as the Kings County Chapter of the Catholic War Veterans hosted its annual dinner highlighting the contributions of the Greatest Generation.

On Tuesday, September 22, the group led by Commander Joseph Tiralongo hosted its annual dinner honoring World War II veterans. The dinner was held at Rex Manor, 1100 60th Street.

The goal of the annual dinner, Tiralongo said, “is to honor a certain group of people; the WWII veterans who have served overseas to defend the country.” As history repeats itself, he added, there are still military serving overseas after the attacks on September 11, “and people carry on like nothing is going on.”

The event, said Tiralongo, engendered a great sense of “comradery, families meeting each other.”

The dinner also included the special presentation of the Father Vincent Capodanno Award to 12 World War II veterans, all of different ranks and years. The purpose of the award, said Tiralongo, is “to recognize the individuals for the actions during their time of service and after and to showcase our appreciation.”

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