EPA finds potential violations at waste transfer station site

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found potential violations at the site of the controversial Gravesend Bay waste transfer station.

The agency inspected the site after receiving a letter in August from a group of local pols, citing what they said were violations happening at the site of the Southwest Brooklyn Waste Transfer Station, 400 Bay 41st Street.

According to the office of Assemblymember William Colton, the EPA  performed an inspection of the area soon after receiving the letter. As a result, according to Colton, the inspection done by the EPA turned up potential violations and areas of concern for the site including debris and soil in the water at the bulkhead area, exposed mud on the track pad area, failure to include required inspection records in reports, failure to comply with the plan of placing silt fencing around the site and an unprotected, unfenced area where storm water can exit the site.

“I am very thankful to the EPA for looking into this matter and I look forward to working with them to stop this garbage station construction site from harming the waters around it, from polluting this essential fish habitat and ruining our community’s health,” said Democratic District Leader Nancy Tong, who co-chairs with Democratic District Leader Charles Ragusa the Anti-Waste Task Force put together by Colton .

“In this David and Goliath fight, we must endure to make sure the destructive garbage station does not become a monstrosity in all of Southern Brooklyn,” said Colton.

Colton, Tong and Ragusa, alongside Councilmember Mark Treyger, have been spearheading the fight against the transfer station—sending letters to government agencies, holding rallies and asking for the community’s involvement in acquiring photographs of the violations at the site.

Additionally, the foursome is now working together with Congressmember Daniel Donovan, who joined them in writing the letter to the EPA and is calling on the agency to consider the site for a superfund cleanup.

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