Star of Brooklyn: Tom McCarthy

President, Bay Ridge Historical Society

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: For years, Tom McCarthy has been a positive force of activism in the Bay Ridge area. He was a member of Community Board 10 where he served as chair for the Traffic and Transportation Committee. This position allowed McCarthy to deal with neighborhood issues like valet parking, congestion, truck traffic, alternate side parking, and subway or bus-related issues.

He was also vice president of St. Anselm’s Youth Activities where he created a fun sports-related environment for kids. McCarthy took the time to coach soccer and baseball, and ran a ski club for teenage boys at the youth program.

Back in 2012, McCarthy took things one step further and ran for state assembly. His main focus for his campaign was “to help make the Bay Ridge and Brooklyn area a better place to live.” McCarthy describes that he “really thought it made sense to have someone [run] who wasn’t a politician, someone who had experience in the business world and someone who lived in Bay Ridge.”

McCarthy keeps finding new ways to make a difference. He was most recently named president of the Bay Ridge Historical Society. The meetings are the third Wednesday of every month at the Shore Hill Senior Center, 9000 Shore Road.

MOTIVATION: Born and raised in Bay Ridge, McCarthy credits his family roots as his motivation. “I’ve been a life-long Bay Ridge activist. I care a lot,” McCarthy explains. “It’s a great place to raise a family. So many people are actively involved in the neighborhood, and are doing so much good work.”

CAREER: McCarthy has worked with JP Morgan and Chase for the past 37 years and is the vice president dealing with treasury services.

PERSONAL LIFE: McCarthy was born and raised in Bay Ridge. He is married and he and his wife Mary have three children together. To his list of prestigious titles, McCarthy can now add grandfather as well.

Family and a sense of community are important to McCarthy, who mentions that his father was a policeman who worked “the beat” near Telecommunications High School in the ‘60s. McCarthy is also an avid runner. He runs the NYC Marathon every year, and is “busy training for the upcoming event, and running every day.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: When asked to describe his biggest challenge, he simply states, “Time.” McCarthy explains further that “between work, family obligations, marathon training, and community involvement, it requires effort.”

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: When asked what his greatest achievement is, McCarthy states that having a “full life that involves family, a profession and a community, are things that mark a successful life.” He is “proud to have something made up of all those elements.”

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