TD Bank “Brings Change” to local volunteer ambulance

Bay Ridge’s BRAVO Volunteer Ambulance Service was the beneficiary as TD Bank’s Bensonhurst branch at 2173 86th Street put its pennies to work on Friday, October 23, with the bank donating a total of $2,380.30 to the not-for-profit organization as part of its “Bring Change” campaign.

“’Bring Change’ is a fundraising initiative and it uses our penny arcade to give back to organizations,” explained Vice President and Store Manager of the 86th Street branch, Terri Maloney. “We’re absolutely looking to make a positive impact. There are a lot of negative things in the world but TD Bank stands for the positive; giving back to our communities and being involved.”

According to Maloney, the bank’s penny arcade takes all types of change, and, with the “Bring Change” initiative, the bank agreed to match donations up to $2,000 that day.

Not only were participants giving to a good cause throughout the day, BRAVO’s emergency service vehicle was parked out front and the entirely volunteer-based organization—staffed by critical care nurses, paramedics and doctors—was performing free blood pressure screenings.

“[These initiatives are] powerful to organizations like this because they depend upon any charitable donations,” added Maloney. “They’re a free ambulance service and they have up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment, and they work for free.”

According to TD, the $2,380.30 check will be used to purchase a new battery for the ambulance.

“Our mission to assist the community [so] however we can get the donations, we’re grateful,” said President of BRAVO Gene Andersen. “We accept them because it is an expensive business but we love it. We think it’s great and we’re grateful that they help us out.”

The “Bring Change” program also plans on organizing 500 similar events through February 2016—events that will bring in a total of $1 million for local organizations.

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