Tigers engineer fifth shutout for Homecoming win

Fort Hamilton 38 Brooklyn Tech 0

After losing their 25th anniversary game earlier in the season, the 4-2 Fort Hamilton Tigers were ready to make a statement at their next big game hosting the 2-4 Brooklyn Tech Engineers for this year’s 2015 Homecoming Game.

Oddly enough, it was the same Brooklyn Tech team that embarrassed the Tigers in 2012 with a 42-0 onslaught for that year’s Homecoming Game. “I took that loss to heart,” said senior co-captain Jayson Magnani who was a starting freshman linebacker on that 1-8 hard luck 2012 team. Looking for some payback from the Engineers, Magnani said, “I’m glad to be playing this team again.”

The payback started immediately in the first quarter as Tiger quarterback Connor Fitzsimons (three for six; 74 yards) hit Keyshaun Robinson on a 56-yard pass play to put Fort Hamilton up 6-0 on the team’s first possession.

The Tigers continued to put up points in the second quarter as Troy Booker darted downfield for 45 yards, followed by a two-yard Seba Nekhet sprint into the end zone. Booker (two carries for 107 yards) followed his previous long run with a 62-yard sweep for a touchdown, while Seba Nekhet made a 65-yard return for a touchdown on an interception to give the Tigers a firm 30-0 halftime lead.

With Troy Booker getting some well-needed rest after his two big runs, Noah Solano (10 carries for 101 yards) became the featured running back in the third quarter and brought the ball down to the seven yard line on a 40-yard rush, shedding tacklers until he was finally knocked out of bounds. Solano’s near-scoring effort set up Nekhet’s third touchdown of the game covering the final 7 yards on a Wildcat sweep for the 38-0 Tiger win.

On his three-touchdown game, a feat that teammate Troy Booker has accomplished several times this season, a modest Nekhet simply stated, “I owe my scoring to my line that makes good blocks for me, and then I just execute to put up the points.” Following up on his pre-game remarks concerning this homecoming game, Jayson Magnani said, “Today was about us and I’m glad that we came out with the win.”

Commenting on his team’s fifth shutout (5-2) of the season, Tiger Head Coach Dan Perez stated, “This has been unbelievable. All our wins this year have been shutouts. I believe this is a new Fort Hamilton record. All the guys are starting to buy into the fact that we can win that way.”

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