Two-way to one-way is way too confusing, say locals

A recent change to a busy intersection at the border of Boro Park and Dyker Heights is not going over well with some local residents and officials.

According to Assemblymember Dov Hikind, the intersection at 13th Avenue and 60th Street—where a two-way street becomes a one-way street—has seen a number of accidents in recent weeks.

“As you know, 13th Avenue is a one-way street, but turns into a two-way street at 60th Street, allowing vehicles to travel in both directions from that point and on to the higher numbered streets,” Hikind wrote to DOT’s Brooklyn Commissioner Keith Bray. “The only indication to drivers approaching 60th Street that they cannot enter 13th Avenue to continue to the lower numbered streets are two “Do Not Enter” signs. However, this change in traffic flow may not be apparent late at night, when visibility is impaired, especially to drivers not familiar with the area.”

The Assemblymember urged the Commissioner to think about improved safety through a permanent solution to the problem, writing in his letter that the intersection could benefit from “clearer signage, such as ‘One Way Traffic Ahead – Do Not Enter,’ a hanging light and/or a barrier.

“Pedestrians walking at this intersection at night shouldn’t have to worry about a scenario in which a car driving down 13th Avenue from the high 60s drives onto the one-way section of the avenue,” Hikind noted. “This is a busy intersection with children riding in schoolbuses, the B9 bus, drivers and pedestrians all putting their lives in danger every time they travel there.”
Contacted for comment, a spokesperson for the DOT told this newspaper that the agency had “received the assemblymember’s letter on November 10” and is “reviewing the request.”

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