P.S. 100 Holiday Extravaganza displays school’s cultural spirit through art

As local schools prepped their students for holiday performances, one school has made it its goal to incorporate art into all things academic.

On Tuesday December 22, P.S. 100- the Coney Island School, aka the Magnet School of Media Arts and Communication, 2951 West 3rd Street, held its Annual Holiday Extravaganza. The holiday show kicked off at 9 a.m. with a full house waiting to witness all the hard work the children put into the festive event.

President of the school’s student council fifth grader Alexis Q. was in both group performances. She expressed her excitement noting, “I was nervous and excited, but I got to share a great amount of happiness with other people.”

The morning entertainment included performances by the chorus and the dance troupes, made up of fourth and fifth graders. Songs like “We need a little Christmas,” “O Christmas Tree” and “Hava Nagila,” rang throughout the room.

The chorus, in blue satin robes, sang an a capella rendition of “Carol of the Bells.” Each time the students finished a performance, the room was filled with applause from proud family members and teachers. As the holiday show began winding down, the students of the chorus sang new lyrics to the timeless classic, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” including other phrases like; “We wish you a Happy Chanukah,” “We wish you a Happy New Year” and “Happy Holidays!”

Vice President of the student council, fourth grader Lilliana U., expressed her excitement noting, “I was very excited to perform. Last year, I watched the show and I just thought it’d be amazing to be a part of it. I got to be in it, and I think this year we did just as well!”

It was evident that the students at P.S. 100 put a lot into their school work and into their artistic endeavors. Secretary of the school’s student council, fourth grader Avielle K., noted, “I wasn’t very nervous, but it felt great spreading the cheer.”

Principal Katherine Moloney mentions that the students, even the youngest, are prepped with artistic classes. Newly implemented into the curriculum are journalism, graphic design and coding, amongst other subject areas. “At P.S. 100 we integrate the arts in school,” she stressed. “It’s very important to prepare well-rounded students.”

P.S. 100 was recently “recognized nationally as a blue ribbon school,” Moloney added, explaining that it had been singled out for its “academics and whole school environment.

“The school challenges the students all the time,” Moloney went on, stressing, “Through all that, they still achieve excellence.”

The holiday show was organized by musical director MaryAnn Spinner, who also served as the pianist for the show and conducted the students, while the dance routines were choreographed by Kim Wojcieszek.

Parent coordinator Cristina Tozzi noted, “It was fantastic. The children did a beautiful job singing and dancing. They do this every year.”

Former student Vickey Z. was in the audience and she recalled her time at the elementary school fondly, “I’m here to see my cousin perform,” she said. “I remember doing these shows as a kid. It was great this year, really put together. Ms. Spinner did a great job.”

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