Sunset Park resident to fight at Barclays Center

Getting stronger!

A born and raised Sunset Park boxer who is quickly climbing up the ranks will fulfill another dream by fighting at the Barclays Center in a super lightweight match.

Julian Sosa, who turns 20 years old on New Year’s Day, has been learning how to box since the age of seven and currently has a professional record of 3-0 as he looks to continue that trend on the largest stage he’s ever faced.

Sosa learned to fight at Sunset Park’s Recreation Center when the facility hosted a boxing program. “It had to be about 13 years,” he recalled. “My father [Aureliano] was always a trainer. He was always in that gym. He would leave the house to go there every day. One day, I asked him where he goes. He then took me to the Sunset gym.”

Photo courtesy of Jovita Sosa
Photo courtesy of Jovita Sosa

Once Sosa’s father, Aureliano introduced him to the sport, he immediately took to it. “As soon as I went, there was this great feeling I got. I loved it right away,” he said. “I asked if I could go with him more often and he started training me I started fighting and competing in the regionals then nationals and now, here I am.”

Sosa started competing at just nine years old. Every school he attended with the exception of college was in Sunset, including P.S. 1, 309 47th St, I.S. 136 Charles O Dewey School, 4004 Fourth Avenue, Sunset Park Prep, and Sunset Park High School, 153 35th Street.

So, the neighborhood pride is strong with Sosa. “Growing up, there was another boxer from Sunset, Gabriel Bracero. He always brought a big crowd and I looked up to him growing up. I said that I can’t wait till the day that I would get that kind of support from the neighborhood,” he said. “When the announcer says my name and that I’m from Sunset Park and I hear people from the neighborhood cheering, it makes me proud knowing that I am from there.”

After a record of 3-0, Sosa was thrilled when his manager informed him that he would be boxing in his hometown. “I was speechless when I got the news. I’m excited, very pumped and exhilarated. I couldn’t wait to start training,” Sosa said, who considers his demeanor polite, well-spoken and a crowd pleasing fighter. “It’s just the fact that it’s the biggest arena in Brooklyn. I know it just opened up, but so many things happened in this arena. My family will see me love what I do which makes me happy.”

Besides his biggest fight of his career, one of Sosa’s highlights includes a tournament he competed in in California as an amateur and made it to the semi-finals, as well as his early success in the professional ranks.

With all his success, Sosa is grateful for his family. “The people that helped and influenced my life and sport was my immediate family,” he said, mentioning Aureliano. “I was with my father the majority of days. Besides him working, we’d go straight to the gym, went running and talk. He’s been a father and a best friend.”

Sosa will fight an opponent not yet determined on Saturday, January 16 at the Barclays Center. For more information, visit

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