PYO Army Out Scores PYO Syracuse 26-20

The first quarter of Parkville Youth Organization’s Army–Syracuse confrontation started with Army dominating the control of the ball for 13 minutes. Army ultimately drew first blood with Ryan Assad handing off to Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson, who muscled his way to pay dirt from the one. Army’s extra point was foiled by Charles “Rocket” Kitsakos and the tally stood 6-zip, Army.

Syracuse got its wake-up call in the second quarter when “The Rocket,” on third and one, charged for glory from the 25-yard line, tying the score six-all. It too failed the extra point and Army took control of the ball. Assad began his assault and after two first downs, Manny Torres Ruiz lit up the scoreboard with a touchdown and then went in for the point after. Army was on the sunny side of a 13-6 ball game.

Syracuse was just as productive on its possession when Kitsakos broke free of two tackles and ran 25 yards to the three-yard line. On the very next play, he tiptoed his way in for a touchdown and then the extra point. The scoreboard displayed a 13-all tally.

During the first play of Army’s possession, Assad was sacked by Kitsakos. But Assad bounced back to hand off to Ruiz who bullied his way in for the TD. Elijah Deciembre stopped Richardson from scoring the extra point.

The score was 19-13 Army until the “Rocket” charged for golden soil and then scored the point after to seize the lead, 20-19, Syracuse. That score wasn’t going to last long. There were 41 seconds remaining on the clock when Ruiz began pounding the Syracuse line, making three first downs. He then blasted his way to score the coup de grace with the extra point. There was only five seconds on the clock when Syracuse took possession, and made it to the 10-yard line, but it was all over but the shouting. Time ran out and Army went home with the bacon and the 26-20 victory.

Both lines did an outstanding job and are worthy of mentioning. For the Army team, Joseph Zrekat, Mohammed Dola, center Giovanni Marsilla and Bassan Awawdeh were tough as nails and held the line. Andrew “A-Train” Echevarria, Matthew Palegos, David “No Way” Rosales and Sevastian Ortiz stepped up to the challenge and did an awesome job.

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