Ben Bay Realty expands with new Gravesend location

The locally grown Ben Bay Realty is expanding its reach with a new Avenue U location in Gravesend.

Ben Bay’s fourth location in Brooklyn – and fifth in New York – set up shop in the Gravesend area in order to broaden the company’s coverage of the borough, according to associate brokers and managing members.

“As we looked at expansion, we noticed that the Gravesend area was not really being serviced by the office and our agents, so, we thought that that we would be another place to expand and round off our coverage,” said Associate Broker/Managing Member Joseph Girgenti. “In covering the Gravesend, Coney Island [area], we really wanted to expand our service and bring our expertise to these areas.”

“It’s basically an expansion of our – now five – offices in total and really a full expansion of the customer service we can bring to the neighborhood,” added Nicholas Venezia, also an associate broker/managing member with the company.

The 61-year-old business, which opened up its first locations in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, credits its “neighborhood, family” feel as the reason it stands apart from other real estate companies.

“Basically, it comes down to experience and the time that we’ve been in the neighborhood,” said Girgenti, with Venezia and the company’s other managing members, Donna Prestia, Lori Tropia and Salvatore Girgenti in agreement. “We’re like a family. Being in business for 61 years and dealing with all parts of New York City and mostly Brooklyn, I think with our experience in understanding the neighborhood’s heritage, we can better understand people’s buying and selling habits.”

The new Gravesend office is open seven days a week and is located at 206 Avenue U. For more information visit

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