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72nd Precinct introduces new policing model

The NYPD has introduced a new program in Sunset.

During the 72nd Precinct Community Council Meeting held on Tuesday, April 12, the precinct’s new commanding officer, Captain Emmanuel Gonzalez introduced himself to the community along with giving attendees a first look at a new policing model that has recently been instituted.

Gonzalez and officers announced that the precinct would be using the Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) Program.

“As time progressed, we have always had different crime strategies and police models. We adapt to the times,” said Gonzalez, explaining that the NCO program will break down the precinct into just four sectors. “Traditionally, we had eight sectors,” he said, adding, “It’s really a great policing model.”

According to Gonzalez, the NCOs will be viewed as managers. “They manage the conditions of their respective sectors and they manage anything and everything. These officers have the capability actually to go into detective files and conduct investigations,” he said, adding that they all just did a month plus of detective training at the Police Academy.

The use of sector cars was also explained during the meeting. “Every manager needs worker bees and worker bees are what we are calling sector cars. The traditional sector cars will go from 911 call to 911 call,” Gonzalez explained. “When they have a plan and they have to identify a condition, they get those sectors together and they say ‘let’s handle this problem.’

Within each sector, the officers’ capability was described as vast. “It can be as simple as abandoned cars down on Second or First Avenue and they’ll get DOT out there and they’ll try to find the underlying issue of what is going on down at that sector,” Gonzalez said. “It could even be gang-related, burglary. It could be anything.”

The four sectors include Sector Adam, which will be in Windsor Terrace, parts of Park Slope, and on the borders of Prospect Park. Sector Boy will cover the Industry City and the Bush Army Terminal area. Sector Charlie was described as the heart of Sunset Park, encompassing Sunset Park and the pool area. Sector David includes most of the southern part of the 72nd Precinct and Eighth Avenue.

With the NCO program also comes improved resources. Last week alone, the precinct received 25 officers just out of the Police Academy. “We’re up to about 35 new officers,” he said. “Along with the officers we’re getting, we’re also getting additional vehicles. Just last week, we got four new vehicles and two new vans, and we’re expecting another five vehicles.”

Sunset Park BID Executive Director Renee Giordano, expressed optimism about the new plan. “We are really looking forward to it,” she said, noting that the BID will be covered by Sectors Charlie and David. “One great thing is that in Sector C, P.O. Carmela Andersen grew up in Sunset Park, worked here with the BID when she was the community affairs officer last year and now asked to be part of this program. I think it will be a good way to bring the community and the 72nd Precinct together to make Sunset Park safe.”

Photo courtesy of Renee Giordano
Photo courtesy of Renee Giordano

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