Brooklyn South Conservative Club welcomes Congressmember Dan Donovan

Upwards of 130 people were on hand, on Wednesday, March 30, to greet Congressmember Dan Donovan at a meet and greet hosted by the Brooklyn South Conservative Club.

Members of the club and the community at large were invited to hear Donovan speak, ask him questions or pose for a picture at the Knights of Columbus, 1305 86th Street.

Upon Donovan’s arrival, he walked around to every table to shake each person’s hand and thank him or her for coming. The event was opened up by club President Liam McCabe, and the Kings County Conservative Party’s Vice-Chair Fran Vella-Marrone and Chair Jerry Kassar, all of whom attributed the turnout to the level of support and action in the community.

Donovan spoke of his thanks for the amount of support he has gotten from the club as well as the communities within the 11th District, which he won with 58.7 percent of the vote. Getting down to brass tacks, he spoke of the goals of the party, his efforts to promote compromise between Republicans and Democrats, and his dedication to those he represents.

One point Donovan stressed which resonated with the audience was his devotion to the, “740,000 people living in my district, what they want and need.”

Donovan emphasized the importance of the word “Representative,” stressing that it means that he is in the House of Representatives to put forward the voice of the people who put him there, and discussed a couple of occasions when he voted against the Republican majority on legislation to benefit the people he represents.

Donovan also spoke of the tumultuous presidential race. He said that the Republican Party, including himself, will back the party’s nominee, dismissing Senator Bernie Sander’s chances of snagging the Democratic presidential nomination, and saying, “The goal is that Hillary Clinton does not win the race.”

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