Fort Hamilton Army Base comes under simulated terror attack

On Wednesday, April 20, Fort Hamilton staged a full-scale active shooter exercise at the city’s only active military base which is located on the southern tip of New York, and adjacent to the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Bridge. The two-hour mock drill included emergency responders from both the New York City Fire and Police Departments, as well as base security officers.

The planned, coordinated scenario included an active shooter within Building 116, the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS); a suicide bomber activating his explosive device at Building 210, the Joint Task Force Empire Shield Command; and a car bomb detonating at the 101st Street entrance to Fort Hamilton.

Evaluators and observers from other military facilities, the NYPD and FDNY were on hand to view preparedness, response and outcome of the exercise. It was later announced that there were four perpetrators involved in the simulated terror attacks. Nine personnel were labeled dead and 21 wounded, including five soldiers who were “shot” during the drill.

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