Hillary Clinton promises immigration reform at Industry City rally

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped by Sunset Park’s Industry City on Saturday, April 9 in an effort to appeal to Latino voters at her second Brooklyn rally in one week.

Joined by Congressmember Nydia Velazquez and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Toby Love, Clinton discussed her plan to “break down barriers” she believes are holding Latino families back, while also touching on things like Planned Parenthood, the wage gap between men and women, and fighting ISIS.

However, her remarks at the rally focused heavily on her promise of “comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”

If elected, Clinton vows to provide every Latino child with quality education and investments in the English Language Learners and bilingual education programming, as well as to expand access to affordable health care to the Latino community.

She also came out at the rally in support of allowing Puerto Rico to restructure all of its debt, while respecting its local self-government.

Though, the former New York senator was met by a mix of supporters and protestors alike.

A group of Sunset Park residents, activists and supporters rallied in advance and descended upon the event to protest Clinton’s decision to hold an event and discuss her Latino agenda at a location they say promotes gentrification and drives displacement.

According to protestors, Industry City is symbolic of “the multi-million dollar push to displace and gentrify the Latino community in Sunset Park.”

Fresh off an appearance at Medgar Evers College on Tuesday, April 5, Clinton’s visit to Sunset Park also served as a reminder to her supporters that every vote counts.

“This primary is so critical,” she told the crowd. “I need to win big here in New York.”

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