Pacificana restaurant hosts welcome party for new C.O. at the 72

Welcome, captain!

The Asian community in Sunset Park welcomed the new commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct with a celebration at dim sum restaurant Pacificana, Eighth Avenue and 55th Street, on Friday, April 1.

During the evening, Captain Emmanuel Gonzalez — who began his role of commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct on Monday, March 14 — was joined by his family, representatives of several local organizations, elected officials and others.

The wall of one of the venue’s rooms read, ‘Welcome 72nd Precinct Emmanuel Gonzalez.’ The new captain was flattered by the gesture and the evening.

“I was very privileged to be honored in that manner and to have that type of reception. It was overwhelming for me,” he said. “I was overtaken by the support of the community and the admiration that they had that I was the new CO here at the 72nd Precinct. I was deeply moved by the show of support.”

DSC_9121Councilmember Vincent Gentile was among those in attendance, which the new captain appreciated.

“Some local officials showed up to give their support as well so that was very kind of them. It just showed their overwhelming support,” he said, as he named the groups that made the event a success. “It was the Eighth Avenue community, part of the Brooklyn Chinese American Association with the Asian observation patrol, so it was a combination of various civic associations.”

The event was especially important to Gonzalez because he was embraced by the Asian community. “I had some concerns that people would somehow perceive that being Hispanic, I would  only be looking at the Hispanic community, but obviously that’s not true, to be embraced in that manner, I don’t have those concerns anymore,” he said. “I’m sure that the Chinese community understands that I’m here for all the communities.”

He was also proud to have his family and colleagues to share the moment with him. “My wife and kids were there. It was very special,” he said. “It was very special that they saw that the Chinese community was so supportive. The 72nd Precinct Community Council were also in attendance. That also was great.”


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