Star of Brooklyn: Liam McCabe

President, Brooklyn South Conservative Club

Community Involvement: Liam McCabe has been involved in politics and the community for 20 years. The president and founder of the Brooklyn South Conservative Club, he also is the founder of the Willie McCabe Memorial 5K Run, in memory of his father, to raise money to assist homeless veterans as well as to help at-risk dogs which can be trained as service dogs for veterans in need.

Photo courtesy of Liam McCabe
Photo courtesy of Liam McCabe

Liam McCabe.

Personal Life/Motivation: McCabe grew up in a poor household, raised mainly by a single mother on welfare. His father was a veteran who became homeless and died on the streets of Bay Ridge. McCabe described him as a patriot, and a strong union Democrat. As a worker for the Transit Authority, McCabe’s dad believed in government and its ability to do good for people. McCabe recalled that when he was in college and needed text books, his father would use his only source of income to help him pay for them. He follows his father’s ideals, to take action, and is teaching his two sons to follow in his footsteps. McCabe is proud of them, what they’ve accomplished, their intelligence and their patriotism.

Career/Highlights: McCabe’s dad got him into politics at a young age, but it was actually working at Long’s Liquor which gave him a foothold in the political scene. Its then-owner, Mike Long (chair of the New York State Conservative Party) got McCabe interested in the Conservative Party. He then landed a congressional internship. After working in Washington D.C. under members of Congress, on presidential campaigns, and in other political environments, he now works for Congressman Daniel Donovan as a constituent service liaison.

McCabe for the last six years has been the go-to man for problems as little as speedbumps and potholes, all the way to international issues. Serving the people of Brooklyn is his passion, and he knows how to get things done.

In recent years, McCabe helped a woman and her children after they were kidnapped by the children’s father and his family in Egypt. Through working with local police, F.B.I., and Interpol, he was able to help the mother and her children return to the United States.

In another example, about a year and a half ago, a Bay Ridge resident noticed a leaking fire hydrant spewing water into a sinkhole close to her house. After calling 911 and 311 with no results, the water started leaking into her house, McCabe got word of it and helped get things in motion to shut the water off and recently got her reimbursed by the city for damages. As McCabe says, he can, “Connect the dots.”

In 2009, McCabe started his own political consulting and communications business. What he really loves about it is that he can hire young people looking to get into politics and earn a wage at the same time.

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