Brooklyn Independent Democrats present awards at fundraiser

The Brooklyn Independent Democrats dinner hosted their annual Elegant Reception fundraiser on Thursday, June 23.

The fundraiser was held at the home of the Honorable Alice Fisher Rubin and Lowell Rubin in Democratic District Leader Lori Knipel, where attendees applauded the awardees.

Democratic District Leader Lori Knipel, who hosts the fundraiser every year, was pleased to bestow the awards.

“We carefully select our honorees and felt those who were awarded were truly deserving,” said Knipel.

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and Gregory Cerchione Esq., past president of the Brooklyn Bar Association, both received awards that night. Joseph Douek, a member of the City Planning Commission, and Jocelyne Rainey, executive vice president and chief administrative officer of Brooklyn Navy Yard, were also presented with awards.

Since 1992, Knipel has been a part of the club and enjoys throwing the fundraiser. She enjoys seeing members as well as community leaders come together to support the honorees, as well as their club.

“It’s great to see members and the entire neighborhood come out to support us and to have a good time,” said Knipel.

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