Frank Seddio inducted as the 101st president of Brooklyn Bar Association

Hail to the chief!

Frank Seddio, a former assemblymember and judge, and the current chair of the Kings County Democratic Party, was sworn in as the 101st president of the Brooklyn Bar Association (BBA) at a ceremony, held on Thursday, June 9 in the Central Jury Room, 360 Adams Street.

“It is a tremendous honor for him,” said George Arzt, president of George Arzt Communications, Inc., a spokesperson for Seddio. “Lawyers in the borough have selected him as president and it’s obviously in the eyes of his peers that he is an excellent lawyer, a man of integrity, and a person who has reached out and helped out the disadvantaged in his community. “

Established in 1872, the BBA’s primary purpose is to promote professional competence among attorneys and increased respect for the legal system.

Arzt added that Seddio’s impressive body of work makes him the perfect fit to be BBA’s latest prez. “His whole record speaks for a man with tremendous values that reflect the borough that he comes from,” he said, adding that Seddio is honored to receive the title. “Frank was beaming throughout. It means a great deal for him personally and for the Brooklyn Bar to have selected him.”

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