Officers honored at 68th Precinct Medal Day

Law enforcement officers, families and the community gathered to honor officers at the 68th Precinct at the 68th Precinct Medal day at the Fort Hamilton Army Base on Wednesday, June 8.

The honorees were recognized for their service protecting the Bay Ridge community. Families and attendees clapped and cheered on the winners as they walked up to receive their awards.

Captain Joseph Hayward, commanding officer of the 68th Precinct, was proud of the honorees and the rest of the 68th Precinct officers at the ceremony.

“I was amazed by their stories and their exceptional acts of valor,” said Hayward. “They are the backbone of this city.”

Ilene Sacco, who has been the 68th Precinct Community Council president for 10 years, addressed the honorees and their guests expressing how much of a positive impact the precinct makes on the community.

“I cannot express how much the community and I appreciate you. We will support you until the end of time,” said Sacco.

As the officers who were awarded made their way to receive them, many of them did not know they were going to be receiving an award until they got to the ceremony. Lieutenant Michael Fleming, who was given the supervisor of the year award, didn’t learn he was going to receive the award until he arrived to the ceremony. “It’s a really big surprise, I’m honored,” said Fleming.

Fleming has been working at the 68th Precinct for 10 years and while he hopes his peers felt honored at the ceremony, he knows these officers are just doing their job.

“I’m very appreciative, but I’m just out here doing my job, just like the rest of my peers,” said Fleming.

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