“Bay Ridge Beyond Pride” aims to open up about racism and homophobia

Members of the Bay Ridge community are taking action to help the neighborhood become a safer and more inclusive place.

In light of the Pulse shootings in Orlando, the killings in Minnesota, Baton Rouge and Dallas, and the string of attacks on Muslims during Ramadan, Bay Ridge community leaders, activists and academics have organized a community forum on racism and homophobia called “Bay Ridge Beyond Pride.”

“We’re just trying to provide a platform and a safe space for people who believe in social justice and activism,” said Bay Ridge community organizer, Danielle Bullock. “We don’t want to go in there and tell them what we should do. We want this to be a movement that is fueled by the people in the community and their ideas.”

The event will focus on giving a voice to people who are marginalized, strengthening a peaceful culture, and encouraging community engagement, according to a press release sent out announcing the forum. The speakers include Zaheer Ali, oral historian at Brooklyn Historical Society; Linda Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab-American Association of New York; Sherry Wolf, associate editor of the International Socialist Review, and Cindy Trinh, New York based photographer and photojournalist. 

“Bay Ridge Beyond Pride is fueled by the idea that different oppressed groups have similarities within that oppression, and if we come together, we’ll be stronger,” said Bullock.

“Bay Ridge Beyond Pride” will take place at the Salam Arabic Lutheran Church, 414 80th Street, on Saturday, July 30 from 3-6 p.m.

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