Bay Ridge sinkhole caused by broken water main

The sinkhole saga continues.

A day after a sizable sinkhole formed on 79th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues during the afternoon hours on Tuesday, July 26, a spokesperson from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), told this paper that a water main break in the vicinity had caused the sinkhole to open.

DEP, the spokesperson said, was currently working to repair the main, and Con Edison “is also making necessary repairs.”

“Once all repairs are completed, the hole will be backfilled and paved over,” the spokesperson added.

According to local residents, while the repairs continue, some homes are without power and gas. “What I heard so far is that while there is being work done on the sinkhole, some houses have lost electricity and gas on adjacent houses,” said Ramon D., who lives just a few houses away from the nearly 10-foot sinkhole. “Probing holes have also been dug on the rest of the street to see the extent of the issue.”

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