Power outages in Dyker Heights due to passing storms are not uncommon

The passing storm that swept through the borough of Brooklyn on Monday, July 18 left 1,245 homes without power in Dyker Heights, according to Con Edison.

The affected buildings were largely in an area bounded by 79th Street, Seventh Avenue, Dyker Place, 86th Street and 12th Avenue. Almost 13,000 power outages affected the entire borough of Brooklyn.

“Unlike Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights electricity is above ground, which makes it really sensitive to weather,” said District Manager of Community Board 10, Josephine Beckmann.

While all power throughout the borough was restored by 9 p.m. that night, Dyker Heights has a history of blackouts due to inclement weather. In 2014, there was a large power outage that affected about 7,500 Con Edison customers in the Dyker Heights area.

While the battle to fix the electrical problems when blackouts occur is still a challenge, Beckmann said that the board is looking for a solution to this ongoing problem.

“We know about the problem and have long been advocating for improvements and upgrades to solve this problem,” said Beckmann.

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