Reaching-Out Services gets digital with new touch screen pantry program

Reaching-Out Community Services is going digital.

The new Digital Touch Screen Pantry program kiosks at Reaching-Out Community Services in Bensonhurst allow clients to choose the food they want based on their dietary needs.

“We had to come up with a smart way to accommodate all of [our clients],” said Thomas Neve, founder of Reaching-Out Community Services.

The new system, which is called Digital Client Choice Food Pantry, is a kiosk-like set up where clients can choose the food they want and need. Clients step up to the kiosk, choose from a variety of options, and have the food brought to them once they are done selecting.

Since the kiosks came to the service over six months ago, Neve has seen a positive change when it comes to using the program. Clients no longer have to ask what they have available and the kiosks supply pictures to break down language barriers for those who don’t speak English.

“It’s all designed to benefit the client,” said Neve.

Reaching-Out Community Services has been feeding the hungry for over 25 years and has struggled to accommodate all of those who are in need of its help. The new kiosk system has been a big step into helping communities in need, a vision Neve has had since he started the program.

“Whatever took us 15 minutes to do before now only takes us two minutes,” said Neve. “We can continue serving our community without turning anyone away.”

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