Missing dog rescued by NYPD after being found struggling in Gravesend Bay

A missing dog was rescued by the NYPD early Friday after onlookers spotted him struggling to stay afloat in Gravesend Bay.

The white-haired German shepherd named Chase went missing on Thursday, August 18 at around 7:30 a.m., according to one of Chase’s owners, Karen Vazquez.

“We went and looked for him, but because we did not have a car, we could not look far enough,” said Vazquez, who lives in Coney Island. “We thought he would go towards the Best Buy near Cropsey Avenue or by the Belt Parkway.”

According to the NYPD, police got involved in the rescue at around 6:30 a.m. after receiving several 911 calls reporting the dog’s struggle. NYPD Scuba Unit divers Detective Markian Kopystianskyj and Police Officer Damien Drisco were then dispatched to rescue Chase. The two were deployed from Scuba Launch 8, which was captained by Detective William Devine. Once the dog was brought to safety aboard Launch 8 and transported to Harbor Charlie, police did a computer check and found a missing notice had been posted on Facebook. They got in contact with the family, and Vazquez’s brother was able to pick up the dog, who was no worse for wear.

Chase had been a member of the family for 15 months when he disappeared on Cropsey Avenue near Neptune Avenue. In the missing notice posted on Facebook, Chase was described as being 18 months old, having a pink nose and being scared of rain, lightning and thunder. The family also contacted the closest veterinarian, local shelters and local police precincts to see if a report had been filed.

“We live in Coney Island so we walk him around the boardwalk all the time,” said Vazquez, who also mentioned that Chase is particularly fond of the water. “We are just glad that he is safe.”

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