Sweet Brooklyn stray needs loving home

Are you an animal lover that can provide a loving home for a sweet Brooklyn cat?

A Bushwick resident recently sent us this e-mail, in search of a home for a stray cat that followed her home one day:

People of NY, HELP! I need a foster/forever home for the most affectionate kitten!

I just found this stray kitten. It walked up to me and my pups like it was part of the pack. Cuddled with both dogs, and my legs before climbing up onto my lap, and letting me rub its belly. It’s the most affectionate, dog-like cat I’ve ever known. It’s a boy, maybe six months old, didn’t have a collar, was really dirty, and pretty hungry. It’s been bathed (actually seemed okay with that), fed, and is safe for the night.

I’m going to try to find if it has an owner (microchipping, online ads, nearby vets, etc.). But, I can’t keep it, even for long. So, I need to find it a foster home (potentially forever home) ASAP! HELP!

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting this kitten, call Kaysi at (480) 678-7441.

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