An inside look at NET TV’s “In the Arena”

Covering a wide of range of political, current, social and religious topics, one breakthrough cable and radio show is tackling generational and cultural conversations, one segment at a time.

Hosted by Monsignor Kieran Harrington, vicar for communications for the Diocese of Brooklyn, “In the Arena” – while covering topics from a Catholic cultural perspective — is really “for everyone,” according to the show’s producer, Ian West.

“I think it’s a show that’s worth having on,” West told this paper. “The conversations are always lively and always interesting to watch, whether you’re a person of faith or not.”

According to Harrington, topics of discussion on the show range from bullying, to politics, to divorce, to suicide, among many others.

“One of the main points of the show is really to say, how is it that we, as people of faith, make sense of what’s happening in the world around us,” Harrington said. “We had a special on bullying, where a police officer came on and spoke about how technology can be made use of so that we can combat bullying in our schools and in our communities. We’ve had shows dealing with divorce and separation and suicide.

“Faith is not something that simply takes place in the church and in the synagogue,” he continued.  “We have to go out and face the real world and hopefully our faith will inform us.”

Harrington, who before deciding to devote the past 15 years to the priesthood worked on Wall Street and on an election campaign, wants audiences of all ages to be informed and give the show a try.

“I get feedback regularly,” said Harrington. “I was at the Great Irish Fair and there was a bunch of kids that were asking about the show and they were a younger demographic but the show is not limited to one [age group]. I have previous classmates who I’m promoting the show to, so it crosses [generations]. I think it’s a diverse audience. It’s geared toward everyone and the problems we face as human beings.”

In the Arena is an original weekly series exploring the latest news, current events, political topics and social opinions that define a generation. Covering this territory from a Catholic cultural perspective is Reverend Monsignor Kieran Harrington, the Diocese of Brooklyn’s vicar for communications. Sundays in NYC on WOR 710AM at 8 a.m., Relevant Radio 1430AM at 1 p.m., and NET TV at 8 p.m. EST.

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