Bay Ridge playground’s hopscotch board saved by local family

The New York City Parks Department invited a Bay Ridge family to repaint the hopscotch board in Russell Pedersen Playground after the family’s five-year-old brought its condition to the agency’s attention.

Natalie Quaglione took note of the hopscotch board while playing at the park towards the end of the summer. While walking over to the slide, she told her father, John Quaglione, the numbers needed to be fixed.

Later that week, John notified the Parks Department. As a result, the department invited the Quagliones to fix the hopscotch board along with Parks Department staff managed by Patti Gracia.

“I really want to thank Patti Gracia and her team here in District 10,” John said, “and commend them for this unique opportunity for both my daughter and niece.”

Natalie and her cousin Sophia joined the team in painting and renumbering the hopscotch board on a recent day off from school. John, his wife, Kerry, and his sister Lauren Giannone also participated.

“What a great way for a child to spend a day off from school, getting involved in beautifying the park where you so many times swing, slide and play,” John said.

The children received certificates for their work.

Russell Pedersen Playground is located at 83rd Street and Colonial Road.

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