Thief makes off with over $1,000 while victim orders slice of pizza

An afternoon slice proved quite costly to a man ordering from a Bensonhurst pizzeria on Saturday, October 8.

According to police, the patron, in possession of $1,050, placed the money – which he kept in a white paper bag – on a table while he went to order a slice of pizza at the restaurant, located near Bay Parkway and 68th Street.

While the man was ordering at around 2:10 p.m., an unidentified woman took the bag from the table and fled in a grey Infiniti.


  1. Ok… this story sounds just a little bit wacky. Something’s not right here. No sane person would carry around $1000 in a paper bag, and then leave it on a table out of their sight. And the woman just happened to see the bag and knew there was something valuable in there? What’s the scam here?

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