All of the lights: Dyker gearing up for 2016 holiday season

Every holiday season, a larger-than-life display of lights hits the streets of Dyker Heights – a showing so spectacular, that yes, we deemed it rhyme-worthy.

A yearly tradition since sometime in the late ‘80s – though no residents are really sure of when the lights sparked such a buzz – the decorative, dazzling and sometimes over-the-top lights recruit visitors from neighboring communities along with travelers from other states and even countries.

The sparkling spectacle – which can be seen anywhere from 10th Avenue to 12th Avenue across the 80s in the nabe – has even become an attraction on ticketed bus tours like A Slice of Brooklyn’s three-and-a-half-hour look at the “Dyker Lights” (which also makes a stop at a local pastry shop for some hot chocolate and a cannoli).

With some lights hung as early as Thanksgiving weekend, the tradition is one that the community looks forward to every year.

“It’s a beautiful tradition; the spirit, the energy, everyone is just so happy,” local resident Renea Gargiulo, who started the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Facebook page “on a whim” four years ago, said last year. “It’s been something that I’ve attended every year traditionally and, being so close to the area and living in the neighborhood, I’ve always loved it.”

Check out these photos from year’s past:

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