Bay Ridge Avenue subway station revamp approved

It’s official.

The Bay Ridge Avenue station on the R line is set to be revamped after the MTA Capital Review Board approved the first phase of the MTA’s Enhanced Station Initiative, State Senator Marty Golden announced last week.

“[This] approval to modernize and improve the Bay Ridge Avenue train station is a major victory for all those who utilize the station each and every day as their central point to travel,” he said.

The revamp — which will see the station closed for at least six months starting at a date still to be announced — includes significant renovations and improvements to the Bay Ridge Avenue station, such as new canopies and totems at the station’s entrances as well as new furniture and technology integration. The revamped stations will also feature enhanced lighting throughout, as well as improved signage to make it easier for straphangers to navigate their stops.

They will also include countdown clocks, improved cell service, wi-fi, new art and real-time navigation systems.

Image courtesy of the MTA
Image courtesy of the MTA

“I am sure many would agree that this station needs an overhaul and has for some time,” said Golden, who, as Senate representative to the MTA Capital Review Board, has been vocal on the issue of improving the station — one of only four in the neighborhood.

In addition,  Golden is confident that such improvements for the R Line’s 77th Street and 95th Street train stations will be approved in the near future.

Additionally, Golden’s office confirmed, elevator construction at the 86th Street station will start this spring.


  1. Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr.

    Please make it all of the 31 pre-chosen stations ADA accessible: By the day, there will be much older senior citizens and the disabled to live by in NYC, which we are certainly needing these. Never mind, it is the bureaucratic MTA nonetheless.

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