Third time’s a charm as Bay Ridge Cares preps to distribute Thanksgiving dinner

Bay Ridge Cares and it shows.

The non-profit organization that looks for ways to support those in need in the neighborhood is doing so once again for Thanksgiving by distributing dinner for the third straight year.

“For the past few years we have been delivering hot meals to those who are sick, home bound or just looking for some company on Thanksgiving,” said Justin Brannan, vice president of Bay Ridge Cares.

For Brannan and the group of a few dozen volunteers, the initiative means a lot.

“This is what Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York City and America is all about. Looking out for each other and giving back,” he said. “It’s sort of like when you’re on a plane and they tell you to secure your oxygen mask before helping the person next to you. Well our oxygen masks are secure so now it’s time to help our neighbors. There are no strangers, just neighbors you haven’t met yet.”

The goodwill would not be possible, Brannan said, without the donations and kindness of locals, which have once again delivered.

“We are very fortunate,” he said. “People have been very supportive of Bay Ridge Cares and our mission from day one. And this campaign is no different.”

As the years have gone on, the group’s reach in helping families has increased. However, getting the word out is always the challenge.

“No matter how many meals we deliver around the neighborhood, I know we must still be missing some folks in need,” Brannan added. “We spread the word however we can. We are very cognizant of the digital divide. We know that not everyone is scrolling Facebook or looking at our website. So we do our best to leverage our relationships to spread the word far and wide so we can reach as many people as possible.”

Bay Ridge Cares encourages anyone that knows of an individual or family that may not be able to afford a meal on Thanksgiving to e-mail [email protected] or call 718-989-9566 and provide them with contact info.

“You may not have everything you want but chances are you have everything you need,” Brannan added. “Thanksgiving is about knowing the difference.”

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