Veterans’ Appreciation Night honors those who gave their all

While some people are eagerly awaiting the Veterans Day sales, others are taking action to pay tribute to our veterans.

Assemblymember Willian Colton thanked veterans for their service by hosting a Veterans’ Appreciation Night on Sunday, November 6.

Along with Colton, Councilmember Mark Treyger and District Leaders Charles Ragusa and Nancy Tong gathered at the United Progressive Democratic Club, 29 Bay 25th Street, at 7 p.m. to honor their neighborhood veterans.

“It is important we remember the valiant members of our country who fight on both the battlefield and back at home for the freedoms and liberties our great country offers,” Colton said. “We must always give back and honor veterans who have granted us this freedom we have come to take for granted.”

In addition, he believes in helping veterans re-assimilate to daily life by offering them the best opportunities to re-adjust.

The sight of a soldier embracing family and loved ones after returning home is a “beautiful and unforgettable scene” but the reunion signals the beginning of a new set of challenges for many, Colton noted in a press release.

Some veterans struggle to re-enter civilian life and the workforce, studies show, often while coping with the physical and psychological repercussions service takes on them.

Thus, New York State, which is home to over 900,000 veterans, has a “moral responsibility” to care for them, the press release said.

In addition, the release said Veterans Day is not only a time to recognize these heroes for their service to our country but to also renew our commitment to getting them the support they deserve.

However, Tong said it’s important to do so every day.

“We need to make sure the same thankful attitude is given to veterans every day of the year instead of just annually on Veteran’s Day,” she said. “We should always show respect and recognition for the brave men and women who have served our country.”

Hence, the clubhouse displays a sign inside that reads, “Got Freedom? Thank a Veteran,” all year long, Colton said in a Facebook post.

“We must continue to recognize and honor veterans and make sure they receive the services they deserve,” Ragusa said. “I cannot express my gratefulness enough except to honor them and recognize them for their courage and their service. I hope we all are able to give thanks and acknowledge them on this special day.”

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